Clinical Practice Award

The Clinical Practice Award, acknowledges the professional achievement and performance of an Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN) member as he or she improved the clinical practice of medical-surgical nursing.

2017 Recipient

The 2017 Clinical Practice Award Recipient is Maria Sheilla Membrebe, RN, MSNEd, ONC, CMSRN, of Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. Maria was nominated by her colleague, Philmena Ejimofor, RN, MSNEd.

Maria strives to achieve excellence in medical-surgical nursing through practice and certification. She became a CMSRN in 2007 and has since mentored and coached her colleagues to gain the certification as well.

Maria has served as a strong supporter and advocate for excellence in the practice of medical-surgical nursing within her facility. She currently serves as the Chair of her facility’s Medical-Surgical Council and is the Champion of the Comprehensive Unit-Based Safety Program on her unit. She has also been active in other councils within her facility.  

She frequently serves as the voice for her fellow nurses by advocating for positive changes that will improve patient care, and working diligently with Clinical Specialist and the Quality department to ensure that she and her fellow nurses have all they need to provide excellent care to their patients.

As a Charge Nurse, she encourages everyone to work as a team and be kind and respectful to one another. She also expresses the importance of all nurses being on the multi-disciplinary rounds. In doing this, she ensures her team is on the same page and understands the needs of each patient.

Maria also shows passion for Evidence-Based Practice projects. She has not only sought out and participated in such projects, but has also served as a leader for several. She has given both oral and poster presentations of such projects.

Maria teaches at the local Community College. In teaching, she passes her passion on to her students by encouraging and engaging them. She goes the extra mile and thinks outside the box to assist anyone having difficulty by devoting extra time to ensure they can fully understand and embrace new information.

Her colleague stated that she once heard her say that she “became a nurse to make a positive difference in patient care.” Through her many accomplishments, and her positive influences on both fellow, and future, nurses, her mentorship and encouragement, she is certainly accomplishing this goal.

Congratulations, Maria!

2016 Recipient

The 2016 Clinical Practice Award winner is Mintie Indar-Maraj, EdD (c), RN-BC. She is a nurse and current co-chair of the research committee at Montefiore Bronx, NY. Mintie is also adjunct professor at College of Mount Saint Vincent. She was nominated for this award by her colleague Carine McDonald, RN, MSN, FNP. 

Mintie has demonstrated a high level of skill in the care of the medical-surgical patient. She has been a certified medical-surgical nurse since 1992 and an active member of AMSN since 1994. She has served  on the AMSN editorial and research committees. During that tenure, she published articles on “Clinical Evaluation” and “Work Environment of Medical-Surgical Nurses” in “Med-Surg Matters”.

Mintie Indar-Maraj, RN-BC, EdD (c)Mintie is a member of the Informatics Council and was the Superuser for her unit during the implementation of EPIC last month. She is frequently asked to troubleshoot problems within the Electronic Health Record or the computer dysfunction. Also, she is the IV and wound care expert on her unit. She maintains not only membership, but active involvement in many professional organizations and committees. She has volunteered with ANCC, NCLEX, AMSN, AHNA, and research committees.

She is active in “New York State Nurses Association”, she was a Research Fellow for two years, presented at the National Convention and served on the Continuing Education (CE) Committee for four years. In her own organization, due to her education and experience in med-surg for over twenty five years, she is the consultant for both new and senior nurses on day-to-day issues and questions.

Mintie also utilizes creative techniques to facilitate learning through her work in staff development. In the patient education setting, she used games for educating patients on Diabetes, Congestive Heart Failure, and Hypertension.

She demonstrates compassion not only to patients, but to her colleagues. She holds a strong philosophy in self-care for nurses and role models her beliefs. For her patients, she ensures lights are dim at night, noise level is down, ensures all telemetry monitor batteries are changed before midnight to avoid unnecessary disturbance when patients are asleep.

She is implementing ongoing clinical inquiry, questioning, and evaluating practice, in order to promote the best patient outcome through her work as co-chair of her hospitals research committee.  As co-chair of the research committee Mintie works with intra and inter-disciplinary teams and colleagues. Here are just a few examples:

  •  Worked with the Librarian and nurses on a PI project to education patients with End Stage Renal Disease on the new transplant guidelines; Data Analytics and Patient Care, Anonymous Voting in Peer Review. The posters won 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes at the symposium in 2015.
  • Worked with a graduate student on her thesis, “Implementing Hypothermia Protocol in the Emergency Room at a Sub-Urban hospital”. The student graduated successfully in June 2015.
  • Worked with the group of Obstetric Nurses on their journey of “Baby Friendly Hospital” on “Skin-to-Skin after Cesarean Section”

As a member of the IRB, Mintie reviews initial, continuing and amendments to protocol/s. She has been an active IRB member for the past two years. She is an active and committed member of multiple committees such as the Informatics Council, Quality & Safety, Professional Development, Magnet, Best Practice and Nursing Research. She helped her campus transition from paper and computer EHR to a totally computerized EHR system.

Mintie exemplifies the qualities worth recognizing. As a life-long learner, active member, engagement in many professional organizations and completing a terminal degree in nursing, this is true professional commitment. She is a strong proponent of Healthy Work Environment for both patients and staff. She is an expert from the bedside to the “board-room”. She is a mentor and role model for both new and seasoned nurses.

2015 Recipient

The 2015 Clinical Practice Award winner is April L. Resendiz, BSN, CMSRN. She is a nurse at Feather River Hospital in Paradise, CA. April was nominated for this award by Aaron J. Wun, BSN, CMSRN.

April has demonstrated a high level of skill in the care of the medical-surgical patient. She has been a CMSRN since 2009 and is looked upon as a leader and specialist in her surgical unit. April is a member of the Clinical Information Science Super User Team. In this role, she is asked regularly to troubleshoot problems that occur with electronic records. Another example is her expertise in wound care. She is often called on to assist in educating and demonstrating wound care techniques.

April implements ongoing clinical inquiry, questioning, and evaluating practice in order to promote the best patient outcome through her work as leader of her hospitals Skin Care Team. The team promotes education in would care and prevention of adverse skin occurrences. Using professional nursing literature, she leads her team in promoting best practices and outcomes. April has been integral in disseminating her teams findings and conclusions to clinical staff throughout her organization.

She has a passion for the most current evidence-based practices and passing on her knowledge to clinical staff members and nursing students. April has a gift for training new graduates and students. She exhibits patience, adaptability and a strong sense of compassion when teaching nursing concepts depending on the specific needs of each student.

April creates a caring practice, responding to the uniqueness of the patient/family through a strong awareness of diversity and cultural differences. She speaks Spanish fluently which has proven to be an enormous asset to her unit. This allows patients and families to feel at ease and trust they are receiving the best care.

April has been involved with multiple committees; the Pharmacy & Nursing Committee, Skin Care Team, Clinical Information Science Super User, and Professional Practice Committee. Three years ago April was part of a team that helped transition her organization to computerized provider order entry (CPOE). In the transition process she was able to effectively train providers in small groups and on a one-on-one basis. She is dedicated to promoting optimal outcomes for her patients, and understands the importance of influencing positive change throughout her organization. 

Additionally, April is enrolled in a Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurse program through Emory University which she will complete in the Fall of 2015. She has a passion to provide care to medically underserved and diverse areas and hopes to bring education about wound care to both colleagues and patients as she places a high value on prevention.

Congratulations, April!

2014 Recipient

The 2014 Clinical Practice Award winner is Julie A. Green, RN. She is a nurse at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. She was nominated for this award by her Nurse Manager, Janie Sommers, BSN, RN, CMSRN.

Julie has demonstrated a high level of skill in the care of the medical surgical patient in her 21 years of working with medical-surgical patients. She has cared for an array of complex surgical patients.

Because of her knowledge base, she has been ask to speak twice to the Nurse Executive Council. She has taken the preceptor course and obtained the knowledge to coach new graduation students. She has also taken on students that are still in school to coach and mentor.

Julie implements ongoing clinical inquiry, questioning, and evaluating practice in order to promote the best patient outcome by serving on the main Cleveland Clinic campus research and evidence-based council and serving as their secretary. She is the principal investigator on "Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Pre-Discharge Multi-method VTE Prevention Patient Education Plan for Knowledge Retention."

For this project she was recognized by Dr. Nancy Albert as the recipient of the NURF (Nursing Unit Research Fund) award for December 2013. This is a new award at our organization, and she was the first clinical nurse to achieve this.

Julie utilizes creative techniques to facilitate learning by collaborating with health information when the core measure for deep vein thrombosis (DVT) prevention came out. She revised patient education pamphlets to make the information user friendly for patients.

Additionally, she created a DVT video for the hospital for patient teaching. Her work on diabetes medication errors resulted in making a resource guide and placing the information guides for the nurses to access.

Julie creates a caring practice, responding to the uniqueness of the patient/family in a manner that creates a compassionate and therapeutic environment by anticipating needs. She develops a good relationship not only with the patients and their family but with the nursing staff.

She is part of a unit initiative that began offering patients earplugs and headphones to assist with quiet at night. She has demonstrated concern for families who may get lost at Cleveland Clinic and has walked them to their destination.

Julie promotes collaboration through intra- and inter-disciplinary work with all colleagues to achieve optimal and realistic patient goals in her role as co-chair of Shared Governance. She has held this position for approximately six years.

Not only does Julie possess the objective data with research, projects, and metrics, but she has been able to achieve the art of clinical nursing that is a unique skill acquired by expertise, experience, and willingness to pursue perfection. She brings all of this to her practice to achieve the very best patient outcomes possible.

Congratulations, Julie!

2013 Recipient

The 2013 winner of the Clinical Practice Award is Donna Cecil, BSN, RN, CMSRN, who is a nurse on a surgical unit at Tucson Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona.

Being praised for her ardent and passionate interest in practice, she is well known for her excellence in assisting in skills labs, her role on the Practice Council, and her connection with her patients.

Although Donna has worked in medical-surgical areas for her entire 25-year nursing career, she is frequently deployed to a special area for patients between critical care and floor status.

To enhance patient care, Donna discovers ways to connect to patients, families, and/or their designated caregivers. Additionally, since many of her patients speak Spanish, Donna speaks their language to bring comfort to her patients and their families.

She is frequently called upon to be the rapid response nurse for emergent situations on her unit or as the go to person for a new piece of equipment. Numerous times she is the resource person on other units. Donna has certainly earned this award.

Congratulations, Donna!

2012 Recipient

The 2012 winner of the Clinical Practice Award is Jazmin Manlapaz, BSN, RN, CMSRN, who is a clinical clinical nurse nurse at Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis, MD. Being praised as a cheerleader for the medical-surgical nursing profession, she is well known for her excellence in caring for patients, being a team player, and acting as a mentor, leader, and advocate.

Demonstrating admirable leadership skills, Jazmin often functions as unit charge nurse for a 44-bed unit. To enhance patient care, she participates on her hospital’s SMART Discharge as a committee member, focusing on ensuring that patients have every resource they need to discharge home safely.

Additionally, she takes part on the Quality Council for the medical-surgical unit where safe practices are ensured based on data collection and education, and she contributed to a committee that initiated Bedside Shift Report at her hospital. Jazmin plays a part on a quarterly skin prevalence study in which her team checks every patient for Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers. Jazmin has been a medical-surgical nurse for 44 years and has promoted it as a specialty for her entire career. Congratulations, Jazmin!

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