AMSN Discrimination and Violence Statement

On March 17th, 2021, AMSN quickly began drafting a statement condemning violence against the AAPI community, irrespective of the motives of the killer. While the statement was in the review process, the Boulder, Colorado shooting occurred. As a result, we have broadened our statement to speak out against all violence and discrimination. This does not lessen, however, our commitment to the AAPI community and against the precipitous rise in violence against them since January 2020. #StopAsianHate


Medical-surgical nurses protect patients and health when they are most vulnerable. Instances of mass violence - most recently in Atlanta and Boulder - arise from a profound lack of respect for human life that concerns us greatly. We are compelled to stand against this dehumanization, discrimination and violence because as nurses we see it endangers the most vulnerable people in society.

Every person has value. No person deserves discrimination for their race, gender, sexual orientation/identity, age, disability, ethnicity or workplace. No person should have discrimination and senseless violence deprive them of their life, liberty or pursuit of happiness. Persons undertaking such behaviors deserve the full weight of the law and our system of justice.

Dehumanizing a person, or a whole race or gender or community of persons, is wrong. The dehumanization that leads from discrimination to violence is in complete conflict with the values nurses represent. It must stop. Just as discrimination and violent behaviors are learned, recognizing and valuing humanity and individuals is also learned and a primary attribute of nursing.


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