Professional Briefcase®

New Member Benefit from AMSN!

AMSN is pleased to offer its members free access to the Professional Briefcase®, an app developed by Praos Health, Inc.

The Professional Briefcase® stores all of your licensure, credentialing, education, and employment information in one place. No more searching through different emails or paper files to find all your information! Now it can live in one easy to find spot. Use for your own information, or share with an employer!

This new AMSN member benefit is another way AMSN seeks to make its members’ lives easier. We know you’re busy, and we know your job gets busier all the time. The Professional Briefcase® keeps you organized, reducing your stress and leaving your time free for more important things: your job, your family, and all the other facets of your life that make you you.

Once you have your account established, you may also download the Praos Health app from the App Store or Google Play store. Professional Briefcase® support is available at the Professional Briefcase website.

The Professional Briefcase® is easy to use, intuitive and comprehensive. We hope you find it useful in your nursing career!

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