The category of GI/Nutrition provides general information on nutrition, including enteral and parenteral nutrition, and care of the patient with GI related issues. Additionally, this category will be used to address malnutrition in patients. Malnutrition is treatable, but medical personnel must act quickly to address this.

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Question: What does AMSN recommend for care and maintenance of the small bore feeding tube?

Answer: The AMSN itself does not have any specific standards on this particular practice, however, many organizations state that verification must always be identified with an X-ray, the feeding tube must be marked so dislodgment can be noted and monitoring must be completed at a minimum of every 4 hours (AACN, 2010).

Question: We currently need a MD order to get protein powder for a patient... Is this within the RN's scope of practice to order protein powder?

Answer: The reviewers had difficulty finding references with information about this topic. At their facilities, it is widespread practice that the RN does NOT order protein powder...

Question: What is best practice regarding RN vs. physician insertion of post-pyloric feeding tubes?

Answer: ...The practice is based on an organization’s policy, which includes establishing and maintaining nurse competency for this...

Question: Practice has been if a PEG tube is pulled out that temporarily a foley of the same size should be placed in it to keep it opened...?

Answer: In searching the literature, we found no evidence to support replacing the dislodged PEG tube with a urinary catheter, except for a short-term solution until...