Med-surg Nurse
Hello everyone and happy summer! I do hope that you are able to take time this summer to relax and reflect on your nursing career and the value of your certification. The past two years have been incredibly exhausting, and while things are slowly returning to normal, all of us are still facing challenging times in our careers. 
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AMSN Premier Partners

AMSN Premier Partners

Mutually Achieving our Strategic Goals

Our Premier Partners are completely dedicated to the expertise of medical-surgical nurses and want to bring education, programs, services, and products that improve your ability to excel at work.
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Med-surg nurse

AMSN President’s June Message for the AMSN Blog

It is Time to Embrace Turnover

Nursing turnover is a constant in healthcare and produces many challenges including a high cost because the cost to replace an individual nurse can range from $33,000 to $64,000 depending on the specialty area. When a nurse leaves their practice area, no matter what the reason, it is most often seen negatively.
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