Central Valley Med-surg Nurses 614 Celebrate MSNW

by: Michelle Adams, RN, CMSRN

What were you celebrating? What is the name and purpose of the award?

Kaweah Delta Health Care District Hospital celebrated Certified Medical Surgical Nurses Day with a photo, cake, and congratulatory emails.

“Med-surg nursing is the back-bone of all nursing and a recognized specialty. I am a med-surg nurse by choice and I am proud to say that.”

Was the celebration in honor of an individual or a team?

The hospital was celebrating over 100 certified medical-surgical nurses. The majority of these nurses achieved their certification through the fail-safe program.

Who attended the celebration? (E.g. The whole unit, a small group): A small group of CMSRNs were able to take time out of their very busy day for a photo shoot.

When and where was the celebration? What special activities were part of the celebration?

The nurses gathered in front of the hospital's tower. The tower homes CVICU, CVICCU, Mother-Baby, MRI, Administration, and more.

Is this a recurring celebration or one time only?

This is our first celebration to mark the occasion.

Did the celebration boost morale on your unit/in your hospital?

Yes, cake and congratulatory emails were sent to all certified nurses. It is very nice to be acknowledged for a commitment to our patients.

Fun Question: What do you love about being a med-surg nurse?

Med-surg nursing is the backbone of all nursing and a recognized specialty. I am a med-surg nurse by choice and am proud to say that.

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