Kaweah Delta Hospital National Celebrates Nursing Certification Day!

by: Mary Michelle Adams, CMSRN

What were you celebrating?

We celebrated National Nursing Certification Day!

Was the celebration in honor of an individual or a team?

I work at Kaweah Delta Hospital, Visalia Ca. on 2N, Medical-Surgical with telemetry. We have multiple clinical nurses that practice in the unit who are certified. The majority have their CMSRN, but we also have, CHFN, PCCN, and my nurse manager has their CNML.

Who attended the celebration? (E.g. The whole unit, a small group):

We were unable to have a "Certification" gathering due to short staff, large amount of patients in the unit, and high acuities; but we still wanted to celebrate our accomplishments and show how proud we are of our certifications, and our commitment to patient care.

When and where was the celebration? What special activities were part of the celebration? (a cake, gifts, photos, special awards)?

We had a large sign made and posted it on our floor in front of the nurse's station for all to see on the unit. I have attached a picture. We put the sign up one week prior to National Certification Day and left it up until the following Monday.

Is this a recurring celebration or one time only?

This was the first time my unit celebrated.

Did the celebration boost morale on your unit/in your hospital?

Yes! Everyone had positive comments to say! The certified nurses on the sign were excited to see their names and those nurses not certified were motivated to be on the sign next year!

Fun Question: What do you love about being a Med-Surg nurse?: I love the diversity of care and my fellow nurses!

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