Kenmore Mercy Hospital Celebrate Med-Surg Nurses Week, 2014

by: Annette Gillies

What were you celebrating?

What is the name and purpose of the award? Med-Surg Nurses Week.

Was the celebration in honor of an individual or a team?

We celebrated the work performed by our med-surg nurses each day.

Who attended the celebration? (E.g. The whole unit, a small group)

Employees of Kenmore Mercy Hospital, visitors, and students stopped by the celebration table.

When and where was the celebration? What special activities were part of the celebration? (a cake, gifts, photos, special awards)?

The celebration was held at Kenmore Mercy Hospital in honor of Med-Surg Nurses. Med-Surg nurses were thanked for their commitment, compassion, and caring. Nurses thanked nurses.

There were free Basket Raffles, free candy, and an appreciation board for people to write a "thank you" to the nurses. All shifts were honored, and free bowls of candy shared with those unable to attend from other shifts.

Those who attended were also able to enjoy the pictures taken at the AMSN Convention (2014) in Florida. Attendees were offered information on AMSN membership (national and local), and stickers were issued thanking med-surg nurses for all that they do.

Is this a recurring celebration or one time only?

This was the first time that the local chapter held this event.

Did the celebration boost morale on your unit/in your hospital?

Nurses were pleased to be thanked by other nurses and employees. They also enjoyed taking part in the raffles and eating the candy!

Fun Question: What do you love about being a Med-Surg nurse?

We love being med-surg nurses, because we care about people and we wish to help people whatever their health status.

Annette Gillies
Western New York (WNY), Chapter #600

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Chapter members, and Kenmore Mercy Hospital hard at work... celebrating!!

Our thank you board.

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