Norwalk Hospital Celebrates the Medical-Surgical Nursing Team

Each year during the first week of November, Norwalk Hospital takes the opportunity to celebrate our Medical-Surgical Nursing team.

The week is planned and led by unit based Registered Nurses with support from our leadership team. During the week we host many unique activities celebrating our Medical-Surgical Nurses.

Our theme for this year was “Save one life, you are a hero, save one hundred lives, you are a Nurse.” This was shared with all employees and they were presented with a card and candy stating “You are a Lifesaver!” to commence our week of celebration.

There were many events that occurred during our Medical-Surgical Nurses Week. Trivia contests on medical conditions were played daily on each unit and prizes were distributed to the winners. Daily walking educational sessions were held on each unit including topics such as: Certification, Nasal Gastric Tubes, Joint Replacement, IV insertion and maintenance, and Policy and Procedure updates.

The Norwalk Hospital Glycemic Care Team presented a session on “Communication Techniques for Effective Management of Blood Glucose Levels”.

Additionally, on each unit, a Wall of Fame was created identifying each Registered Nurse who has earned certification. This has motivated other nurses to pursue their certification. We also placed posters at each nursing station so that notes of thanks could be written by patients, their families, and colleagues.

We also had nurses share their stories of why they chose to be a Medical-Surgical Nurse. Lastly, we chose to celebrate diversity that exists amongst our Medical-Surgical Team. International Food Festivals were sponsored by each unit on different days. Each celebration was open to every health care worker. It was an opportunity for everyone to savor food from other countries and celebrate with their nursing peers.

Maureen Ferguson, RN BSN
Sheron Dhanorkar Jakab, RN BSN

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