UMMC Celebrates from the Top Down

The University of Maryland Medical Center leadership rallied behind its nurses this week to make Med-Surg Nurses Week a big celebration! They hung posters at each entrance publicizing the week.

The hospital also presented a signature board stating I love Med-Surg Nursing. Soon the board was filled with signatures from nurses to managers and even patients.

One of the patients quoted, “You are all doing a terrific job for my Mom” and administrator John Sperman wrote, “Med-Surg RNs make the world go round!” 

The leadership team visited med-surg units on day and night shifts to congratulate med-surg nurses, and the director of Med-Surg Nursing sent an encouraging message to all her nurses.

Nurses also received information about med-surg certification, and some joined AMSN’s local Greater Chesapeake Chapter.

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