Legislative Coordinator


The Legislative Coordinator of the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN) supports the AMSN vision that medical-surgical nurses use their powerful voice and focused action to continuously improve patient care. Goal 4 of the AMSN Strategic Plan is National Leadership and Influence, and states that AMSN will be the leader influencing decisions that impact medical-surgical nursing.

Taken at an AMSN Annual Convention.
Taken at an AMSN Annual Convention.


With this goal in mind, the Legislative Coordinator encourages involvement of AMSN and medical-surgical nurses in legislative issues primarily through website and email communication and social media.

The Legislative Coordinator:

  • Monitors legislative and regulatory activity that has an impact on medical-surgical nursing.
  • Recommends action to the AMSN Executive Team regarding legislative issues, endorsements and alliances.
  • Communicates timely information to members regarding legislative issues of interest to medical-surgical nurses and how they may respond.
  • Provides education to AMSN members regarding the legislative process, health care reform, and other legislative issues.

The Legislative Coordinator is assisted by an Associate Coordinator, a Staff Liaison and Board Liaison.

Visit the Legislative Section for News and Resources.

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