Research Coordinator


Taken at an AMSN Annual Convention.
Taken at an AMSN Annual Convention.

The Research Coordinator of the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN) supports the AMSN mission to promote excellence in medical-surgical nursing. Goal 2 of the AMSN Strategic Plan is Evidence-Based Practice, Research, and Knowledge.


The Research Coordinator evaluates a variety of AMSN research activities using her knowledge and experience in research.

Responsibilities include:

  • Reviews requests from members to conduct research using our membership list. 
  • Advises and assists AMSN prepare for scientific research to be conducted by or directly for AMSN.
  • Assists the Scholarship and Awards Committee by developing the criteria and applications for AMSN research grants. 

The Research Team reviews AMSN research grant applications and research proposals to select recipients.

The Research Team consists of the Research Coordinator and Research Reviewers who are called as needed to review applications for research grants. This team is also assisted by a Staff Liaison and Board Liaison.

View the Research Grants section for more information.

To learn about how researchers may use the AMSN membership list, view Participate in Research.

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