Scholarship & Awards Committee


The Scholarship & Awards Committee of the Academy of Medical Surgical Nurses (AMSN) supports the AMSN mission to promote excellence in medical-surgical nursing.

Taken at an AMSN Annual Convention.
Taken at an AMSN Annual Convention.

AMSN annually distributes $40,000 in scholarships, grants, and awards to advance the nursing profession by rewarding excellent medical-surgical practice and by providing financial support for medical-surgical nurses to:

  • Attend educational activities that foster personal and professional growth.
  • Seek medical-surgical nursing certification and recertification.
  • Pursue additional education toward a higher degree in nursing.
  • Conduct investigations to evaluate and provide evidenced-based standards of practice.
  • Conduct nursing science research.


The AMSN Scholarship & Awards Committee:

  • Determines the criteria, application, and selection processes for AMSN scholarships, grants, and awards in line with AMSN purposes.
  • Promotes AMSN grants and awards via AMSN communications.
  • Annually reviews applications submitted and selects recipients using an objective, blinded process.
  • Presents and distributes the scholarships, grants and awards.

The AMSN Scholarship & Awards Committee consists of a Chairperson, 5 to 6 Committee Members, and is supported by a Staff Liaison and a Board Liaison.

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