AMSN PRISM Award® Application Toolkit


Is Your Unit Ready to Apply?

Completion of the AMSN PRISM Award® application requires planning, time and collaboration on the part of the unit that wishes to apply.

Taken at an AMSN Annual Convention.
A side view of the AMSN PRISM Award.
Taken at an AMSN Annual Convention.

To get started:

  1. Read through the AMSN PRISM Award Application PDF or DOC and Scoring Tool.
  2. Gather the necessary data.
  3. Successful applications have been written and/or reviewed by staff members with a scholarly background. Assign criterion questions to individuals with good writing skills.
  4. Remove distinguishing names and acronyms from your application to comply with HIPAA standards and the objective blind application process of AMSN.
  5. Review your application for completeness.
  6. Select the contact person.
  7. Convert the application into a PDF.
  8. Email the finished PDF application to with the Subject Line: "AMSN PRISM Award Application".
  9. Send your $500 application fee via traditional mail or fax, not email.
  10. An acknowledgement with receipt of fee payment will be emailed to your contact person within a few days.

Important Information Regarding the AMSN PRISM Award Application and Scoring Tool

During the process of reviewing submitted applications, the AMSN PRISM Award Task Force noted ways to improve the application and scoring tool. The application and scoring tool (found below) have been revised effective September 2019. These revisions clarify the original questions and give additional opportunity for the unit to tell their story. The new scoring tool improves the review process and provides applicants an easier to use guideline. We hope this will be helpful to you!

Application Resources

Download the following resources to help your unit prepare for and manage the AMSN PRISM Award Application:

The Review Process

Each application is double checked for blinding by the national office. If the application is not well blinded, it is returned to the unit contact for additional blinding.

The blinded application is sent to a group of trained reviewers. Each application is peer reviewed by this team of medical-surgical nurses using the AMSN PRISM Award Scoring Tool. The structure of the scoring tool is built on the Eight Essential Attributes for a Healthy Work Environment (Kramer and Schmalenberg).

Team consensus is reached on the outcome of the review. Any unit that receives 520 points or higher out of 600 points will receive the award.

AMSN values your application for the AMSN PRISM Award. We appreciate your hard work in developing an application that you believe showcases the exemplary practices of your unit. Successful applications have been at least 35 pages long in order to share the detail and examples required.

If, after this thorough review process is completed, your application does not meet the criteria, you will receive notification along with feedback. The decision of the review team is final. There is no grievance, or appeals process.

Your unit may resubmit a revised application one time at no charge. This resubmission will undergo the complete review process.

If the resubmitted application still does not meet the award criteria, you will again receive notification with feedback. Again, the decision of the review team is final. There is no grievance, or appeals process. In order to try again, the unit would then need to submit a new application along with the application fee.

View Frequently Asked Questions about the AMSN PRISM Award.