AMSN PRISM Award® Recipient Toolkit


Did Your Unit Receive the AMSN Premier Recognition In the Specialty of Med-Surg Award?

This area of the website is provided as a resource for recipients of the AMSN PRISM® Award.

Your unit has been recognized as an exemplary medical-surgical unit. It has proven to be exemplary in effective leadership, recruitment and retention of competent staff members, evidence-based practice, positive patient outcomes, healthy practice environment, and lifelong learning of unit staff members. Here are some tools you can use to help celebrate and share the good news.

Plan Your Unit's AMSN PRISM Award Ceremony

AMSN Prism Award (click to enlarge)Medical-surgical units that qualify for the AMSN PRISM Award will receive a beautiful plaque to display in a prominent location of the unit.

AMSN and MSNCB are pleased to present this award plaque to each qualified medical-surgical unit with a personal visit to the hospital unit from a member of the AMSN or MSNCB Boards of Directors or their designated representative. Recipients are encouraged to invite staff, administration, interdisciplinary teams, patients and families, or other appropriate parties to attend the award ceremony.

The contact person indicated on the AMSN PRISM Award application will work with the AMSN PRISM Coordinator to plan the date of your medical-surgical unit's award ceremony.

Promote Your Unit's Achievement with the AMSN PRISM Award Recipient Seal

AMSN PRISM Award recipients are entitled to highlight their achievement through promotional messaging and materials. Spotlight your unit's accomplishment by using the specially designed recipient seal. As the AMSN PRISM Award grows and gains additional recognition, this seal will become familiar to consumers as an indication of an exceptional medical-surgical unit.

Guidelines for promoting your award and use of the seal by recipients may be downloaded here: AMSN PRISM Award Recipient Guidelines.

Send a Press Release about Your Unit's Achievements

Your medical-surgical unit has become a benchmark of exemplary practice. Let everyone know they can look to your unit as a role model in your community. Download the press release template and fill in the blanks with your unit's information. Then you can use it in your facility newsletter, on your hospital's website or social media, or send it to a local nursing publication or newspaper.

AMSN PRISM Award Press Release Template DOC or PDF

To Plan Your Unit's Award Ceremony

To help you plan, you may want to look at the photos from other recipient’s presentation ceremonies and celebrations.

View the AMSN PRISM Award recipients.