Question regarding: Medical surgical units and remote telemetry area overseen by cardiac stepdown unit...

Complete Question: We just upgraded one of our medical surgical units to a remote telemetry area overseen by our cardiac stepdown unit. Can you all please give me input as to how you manage remote telemetry and possibly share any procedures/policies related to this (including population served, etc.)? If you have evolved to a centralized telemetry office or have any additional insight, I would greatly appreciate your input.

Answer: Hospitals queried have dedicated telemetry units, with admission criteria deeming the patient appropriate for that unit.

They have either local or centralized monitoring stations, managed by a Tele Tech or RN.

Staffs are trained to the role prior to doing the job.

Training will include one or more of the following:

  • Training on the monitoring equipment, paging or phone system use to alert the nurse caring for the patient
  • Cardiac rhythm course (1-day, 2-day, 3-day)
  • ACLS
  • Policy for managing pts. on cardiac telemetry
  • When to assess and print/record the rhythm strip

(Published 2013)