Healthy Practice Environment

Healthy Work Environment

It is the desire of the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN) to empower nurses to transform their workplaces — an intrinsic responsibility for nurses that will help them to cope with practice environment stress.

In alignment with the Strategic Plan, AMSN has developed a knowledge-based resource for a healthy practice environment. This guide enables any nurse to improve the workplace by initiating discussions and implementing strategies based on research.

You are an advocate — for your patient, your workplace, and yourself.

What is a Healthy Practice Environment?

AMSN employs the eight characteristics present in a healthy practice environment as established by Kramer and Schmalenberg (2002), commonly known as the Essentials of a Magnetic Work Environment.

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These attributes are:

  • Support for education
  • Working with clinically competent nurses
  • Collegial and collaborative interprofessional relationships
  • Autonomous nursing practice
  • Control over nursing practice
  • Supportive nurse managers
  • Perceived adequacy of staffing
  • Culture in which concern for the patient is paramount

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AMSN Workplace Advocacy Task Force: Working for AMSN Members

The Advocacy Guide is a response to a member survey that AMSN conducted. The survey brought to light a need to help nurses in their workplace — one where nurses can provide quality patient care in a workplace that supported them in doing so. As a result, AMSN established the Workplace Advocacy Task Force.

The Workplace Advocacy Task Force identified three recurring concerns in members' responses: workplace bullying and violence, adequate staffing issues, and career development relationships. Under the task force's efforts, AMSN created these resources. Find descriptions of the three major issues, literature reviews of and strategies for addressing the issues, and links to existing resources.

Also included is a helpful Recommended Resources list to help you become more knowledgeable, aware, and equipped to advocate for a healthier practice environment.

(Please note, Healthy Practice Environment used to be called Healthy Work Environment.)