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Recommended Resources


Nursing Practice Environment & Career Development

AMSN Annual Convention Session Recordings

AMSN 2-part Clinical Leadership Series

Evidence-Based Practice Learning Modules

  • Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) integrates the best available evidence to guide nursing care and improve patient outcomes. EBP helps health practitioners address healthcare questions with an evaluative and qualitative approach. The EBP process is a method that allows the practitioner to assess research, clinical guidelines, and other information resources based on high quality findings and apply the results to practice. This module provides an overview of the EBP process.

AMSN Position Statements

MEDSURG Nursing Journal

MedSurg Matters! Newsletter

Critical Care Nurse Journal

American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN)

National Quality Forum

Staffing Issues and Strategies

AMSN Annual Convention Session Recordings

AMSN Position Statements

American Nurses Association (ANA)

White Papers

From Institute for Staffing Excellence and Innovation, whose purpose is to provide access to information and education to assist organizations in achieving excellence in staffing and in realizing the quality, safety, financial, operational and cultural outcomes that result. It conducted invitational conference to identify solutions.

MEDSURG Nursing journal

MedSurg Matters! Newsletter

Nurse Leader Journal

Research Report

Coping Strategies

American Holistic Nurses Association. Holistic Stress Management for Nurses. (with membership) Retrieved from

Mimura, C., & Griffiths, P. (2003). Occupational & Environmental Medicine. The effectiveness of current approaches to workplace stress management in the nursing profession: An evidence based literature review. Retrieved from

MEDSURG Nursing journal

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