Nursing Shortage

The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN) feels strongly about being a leader in influencing decisions that impact medical-surgical nursing. A major concern of AMSN is the nursing shortage.

AMSN is addressing the nursing shortage by working with other nursing organizations and supporting strategies that are consistent with ensuring that the nation has an adequate and well-qualified nursing workforce.

ANSR Alliance

AMSN is a member of the American for Nursing Shortage Relief (ANSR) Alliance. ANSR is a group of nursing organizations that have united to identify and promote creative strategies to address the nursing shortage.

Nursing Community, Promoting America's Health Through Nursing CareNursing Workforce Development Programs

AMSN is proud to be a member of The Nursing Community, a forum for professional nursing organizations collaborating on a wide range of nursing issues.

The Nursing Community supplies an overview of the Nursing Workforce Development programs. This document provides background information on the severity of the nursing shortage as well as information on the various programs available.

These Title VIII programs aim to address the severe nursing shortage in the United States by meeting needs in areas of nursing education, practice, retention, and recruitment through the provision of funds to nurses in these areas.

Read the Nursing Community Nursing Workforce Development Programs Brochure .

If you would like to advance your education through any of these programs, you can obtain their applications from the United States Department of Health and Human Services.