Patient Care

The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN) is a vibrant community of medical-surgical nurses who care about improving patient care.

AMSN offers you a list of suggestions every hospitalized patient should know. These tips can help you, your loved ones and your patients improve hospital stays.

We encourage you to share this handout with your patients and colleagues. This was published in the January/February 2017 issue of MedSurg Matters!

Things Every Hospitalized Patient Should Know

Medical-surgical nurses care for a broad spectrum of patients in their specialty. Many specific patient populations have unique needs that nurses must consider to deliver better care.

AMSN highlights some of these patient populations and offers evidence-based resources for med-surg nurses in the following areas:

Care of Older Adults

This provides resources for the rapidly growing older adult population.

End of Life Care

These resources will allow you as a med-surg nurse to feel confident leading in end-of-life care, which many nurses view as a failure rather than a natural process.


Nurses have been described as the “backbone” of the Opioid Treatment Program system of care. However, research shows that enhanced education in the risks of opioid addiction is needed. This new continuing nursing education will help close that knowledge gap.

Joining Forces Veteran Care

In alignment with the Joining Forces initiative, these resources are to assist med-surg nurses in caring for the increasing patient population of US veterans and members of the military.