General Health and Wellness

This position statement was archived on 11/7/2012, because it is now a standard of practice.


  • The medical-surgical nurse promotes the principles of general wellness and the prevention of illness in all aspects of health care delivery.
  • The development of a collaborative interdisciplinary plan including such strategies as promotion of behavioral/lifestyle awareness and change is essential in the practice of medical-surgical nursing.
  • The medical-surgical nurse supports legislation that promotes general health and wellness in the adult population.
  • The medical surgical nurse supports legislation that holds health insurance companies and employers accountable for preventive and wellness care.
  • The medical-surgical nurse supports the development of community focused primary prevention models of health care to identify needs, set priorities, develop strategies, and evaluate progress in promoting health and wellness.
  • The medical-surgical nurse should serve as a role model regarding general health and wellness.
  • The medical-surgical nurse participates in research to evaluate the effectiveness of preventive interventions which can improve health and desired outcomes, and access to and cost of health care, and prevent illness, injury, and disability.


A vast majority of premature deaths and disabilities in the United States results from preventable causes. The medical-surgical nurse should re-evaluate and expand efforts to design and implement interventions that support the promotion of general wellness and prevention of disease and disability.


The medical-surgical nurse recognizes the connectedness of body, mind, emotion, and spirit, as well as social, and cultural influences, when delivering adult patient care. The medical-surgical nurse supports health promotion and disease prevention.


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