Conduct a Research Study

We are happy hear you would like AMSN to help you conduct research.

Researchers often like to include AMSN members in their research studies. If you are conducting a research study and would like to survey AMSN members, please read AMSN Policy 5.2 “Distribution of Membership List” for more information before submitting the research form on the submission form page.

We have provided you with all the necessary tools in our Research Toolkit in the tabs below.


How it works:

  • We prepared a checklist of the main topics necessary to submit your research survey application.
  • Check off elements as you complete them.
  • You can also review this list to help you find tools and forms you will need.

Download the checklist.

Research Survey Application

How it works:

  • Begin by filling out the online research survey application. Be certain to fill in all fields of and attach all requested forms.
  • Once your research survey application is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email from AMSN Staff.
  • Research study research survey application will be sent to the AMSN Research Team Coordinator for review and approval.

IRB Approval

How it works:

  • IRB approval is needed for your research study to be distributed to membership.
  • If an approval form from AMSN is needed to acquire IRB approval, one will be provided upon approval from our Research Team Coordinator.

AMSN Approval

How it works:

  • Incomplete submissions will not be sent to our Research Team for approval (apart from those pending IRB approval).
  • Studies are approved based on content and applicability to AMSN members.
  • Upon approval:
    • the researcher should provide a cover sheet explaining the Research, include any benefits to participants, the amount of time it will take for participants to complete the survey, closing date for the survey, and the researcher’s contact information to answer any questions.
    • the researcher will be asked to sign an agreement to provide Research results to AMSN to be shared with membership.


How it works:

  • The researcher’s survey and cover sheet will be distributed to AMSN members by way of our online community, the “Hub,” and on the AMSN Website in the list of Current Research Studies. Note: the Hub is an AMSN member benefit.
  • Reminders to participate can be sent to our membership at the request of the researcher to receive desired participation.


How it works:

  • AMSN requests that researchers provide the results of their study to be disseminated to our membership. A final report of scientific findings must be submitted to the AMSN Research Team 60-days following the original or amended project period.
  • Complete the AMSN Research Grant Final Status Report form.