Print Just One Tab

AMSN uses "tabs" on some pages to display a lot content in a relatively small space, thus eliminating the need to click several pages to view the same amount of content.

When printing a page as usual, the contents of all the tabs within the page will print. Meaning, if there are six tabs on the page, the contents of all six tabs will print. Perhaps it was only the contents in particular tab that you wanted to print?

That is easily accomplished with this simple procedure that works in most browsers:

  1. Have the specified tab displayed that you wish to print.
  2. Highlight/select ONLY the content within the tab that you wish to print. That could be the contents of whole tab, or just a few lines.
  3. This is accomplished by holding down the left mouse button while dragging your cursor over ONLY the text you wish to print. The text that will print is now highlighted. Only this text will print.
  4. From the Menu Bar, click: File> Print> Print Selection. Click the button next to Print Selection and click Print to finish.
  5. This procedure works to print only the content you are interested in, and saves a lot of wasted paper in the process.