How You Can Afford to Attend an AMSN Annual Convention

You want to learn clinical skills, connect with friends, and develop your personal and professional side. You want to go to the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nursing (AMSN) Annual Convention.

We have prepared a step-by-step method to help you meet your goal.

Gather the details

Taken at the 2014 AMSN Annual Convention
Taken at a recent AMSN Annual Convention.

Visit the AMSN Convention area to stay updated with the latest details. We post information year-round to help you prepare early. The earlier you start planning, the more successful your outcome will be.

Once you know the details about courses, registration, travel, and hotel, you are ready for the next step.

Map out your finances

Ask your employer to offset part or all of the cost. Attending the AMSN Convention is beneficial to you and your employer. You can represent your hospital while you’re there and bring back a wealth of information to share once home.

Taken at the 2014 AMSN Annual Convention
Taken at a recent AMSN Annual Convention.

Your place of work may have a continuing education budget for their nurses. Create a concise, detailed proposal:

  1. Give all the details of the convention, including time off needed and cost of registration, hotel, and travel.
  2. Decide together what sessions are valuable to you and your employer and offer to give a presentation to staff, work on a relevant committee, write an article for the facility, or help write a policy based on what you’ve learned.
  3. Summarize with a win-win proposal – you win by developing and connecting professionally and your employer wins by having the resource of a clinically competent nurse willing to share with coworkers.

You can also submit an abstract to be an oral or a poster presenter at the convention. It is a great stage to showcase the work that your employer has been doing, and presenters receive special discounts.

Use this handy template as a suggested letter.

Set a saving plan. If your goal is to get to a convention, create a saving plan. Break down the convention fee into a smaller saving plan. It may be easier to save $10 a week than pay a one-time sum for registration. Consider clinical ladder increases, birthday money, or income tax refund in your plan. You’re worth the investment.

Take advantage of the discounts. The Annual Convention offers an early bird discount, AMSN member discount, and group discount. If you are part of a group of AMSN members that registers early, you get the best rate available and save $190 off the regular registration price! Use as many discounts as are available to you to save money.

Best yet – Have AMSN pay your registration. AMSN offers 10 convention grants that cover the cost of registration for deserving members.

Make Your Plans

Taken at the 2014 AMSN Annual Convention
Taken at a recent AMSN Annual Convention.

Convention registration:Select which sessions you’d like to attend on site (you get all recorded sessions in the AMSN Online Library) and register online or by mail or fax. Look for registration discounts and keep an eye on early bird deadlines.

Hotel: Make your reservation as soon as you decide to attend the convention. Register early at the headquarters hotel where all the sessions take place for a special discounted price. You can always cancel the reservation if your plans change.

Travel: Search airline websites and travel sites to obtain the lowest airfare. Rates can change daily so start early to increase your chances of getting a great price. Check the registration brochure and Website for airline or car rental companies who contract with AMSN to compare prices.

Capitalize on the experience

Taken at the 2014 AMSN Annual Convention
Taken at a recent AMSN Annual Convention.

Earn your CNE. Complete your session evaluations online by the deadline date to earn your CNE. Apply your earned hours to license or certification renewal.

Enjoy yourself! You'll have time to peruse a dynamic exhibit hall, make new friends and see familiar faces, network, and open doors you never imagined. Spend time on your own exploring, shopping, and dining, or attend AMSN-sponsored social events and enjoy the city.