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AMSN is no stranger to the current economic climate, and we understand that you face tough financial decisions just as we do. AMSN Membership dues will be increasing to $99 as of January 1, 2023. This member dues increase will not affect the New to Practice Membership.
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It's Medical-Surgical Nurses Week: November 1-7th

Medical-Surgical Nurses Week: It’s OUR Week

CEO’s November Message for the AMSN Blog

November 1st of each year is Medical-Surgical Nurses Day. Since then, we’ve been celebrating medical-surgical nurses from around the country and the world during Medical-Surgical Nurses Week from November 1-7th.
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The Pulse - A Community for AMSN Members
It is already November—we are fully into fall, planning for the holiday season, and we get to celebrate Medical-Surgical Nurses Week! 
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Med-surg nurses!

MSNCB President’s Message - October

The Amazing AMSN Convention!

Happy October everyone! I hope everyone has a safe and festive month, and I do hope that there is not a shortage of chocolate for Halloween as stated before in the national news!
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Med-Surg Nurses!

Oh, What a Time! WoW!

CEO’s October Message for the AMSN Blog

The 31st Annual AMSN Convention Wow. Just wow. I just returned home from AMSN’s 31st annual convention in San Antonio and it was incredible to be with our members and attendees in person!
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It's Fall!

Be Strategic With Your Time

AMSN President’s October 2022 Message

Fall is upon us, and despite my first name, it is my favorite season. The cool morning breezes replace the stifling heat and humidity of the summer, and the seasonable temperatures improve my chances of going for long walks.
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Happiness at the AMSN Annual Convention!

Convention is Upon Us!

AMSN President’s September 2022 Message

AMSN’s annual convention is in just a few short weeks in San Antonio, Texas (September 29-October 2). It is so exciting to think about being together for the first time in over two years after having virtual conventions in 2020 and 2021.
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Having fun at the AMSN Convention!

It’s Almost Here: AMSN’s Return to an In-person Convention

CEO’s August Message for the AMSN Blog

It’s almost here! AMSN’s annual convention is just around the corner, and we’re hard at work putting the final touches on the first in-person convention since 2019. It’s been a rough couple of years, and that’s why we’re doing our very best to ensure the best possible experience in San Antonio.
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AMSN Members!

MSNCB President’s Message

Looking Forward To What The Fall Season Will Bring

I hope that you have spent time this summer taking care of yourself. I cannot believe the season is almost over! Besides taking a vacation myself this summer, I had the amazing opportunity to present a few AMSN PRISM Awards® to nursing units around the country.
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A Place to Connect:

AMSN’s New Member Community Launching in August

A new online community will launch this month for AMSN members. It’s a dynamic, interactive platform that will serve you content based on your preferences. It allows you to see who is online and has better messaging capability.
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