CEO's Corner - October 2020

Terri Hinkley
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Even More New Products and Services Coming Soon!

You might recall that I’ve talked a lot about the new products and services AMSN is working on bringing you, our members, to help you be effective in your role as a med-surg nurse and to help you practice some self-care in these trying times.

By now we hope you all have seen the new AMSN website that we worked long and hard to launch. We think it allows for a much better user experience and has all you need right at your fingertips.

In this CEO Corner, I thought I’d tell you more about some of our upcoming new products and services.

We also recently launched our AMSN Connect app, where you can connect and engage with your community of med-surg nurses and it’s so great to see many of our members starting to use the app to connect with each other. We’re not stopping there, though. We have more to come!

In this CEO Corner, I thought I’d tell you more about some of our upcoming new products and services.

Masters Series

What is a Masters Series, you ask? It is a certificate of mastery in a specific topic. AMSN is about to launch its first two programs, the Clinical Leadership Development Program (CLDP) and early in 2021 will launch the Behavioral Health program. These courses are made up of several modules to help you build added knowledge about the topic, which is validated through an assessment at the end.

Following successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a digital badge demonstrating your achievement of these important topics. The great news is we have even more programs lined up, we’re about to start work on a diversity, equity and inclusion program and we can’t wait to make this available to you all.

Access to both CINAHL Complete and Medline Complete

We are so excited to launch our CINAHL and Medline database access! You have likely seen the news by now, but I wanted to make sure to share this fabulous news with you all. We have entered a partnership with EBSCO Health to provide subscribing AMSN members with full access to both the CINAHL and Medline databases for the low price of $5/yr.

We know that there’s a focus on evidence-based practice and research within the profession, yet many of you do not have access to libraries or these databases and we’re thrilled to be able to bring this to you so that you can take your practice to the next level! Learn more about it.

COVID-19 Checklist

We know that many of you are still facing significant practice challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic. We have seen continued hot spots in the US and internationally. We continue to advocate on your behalf, more on that below, and to bring you resources to help you deal with workplace, personal and emotional challenges associated with the pandemic.

AMSN has just launched a COVID-19 checklist, actions you can take to affect change in your practice setting. These tangible steps and activities are designed to help you navigate the challenges you face each day as a result. Access the COVID-19 Safety Checklist for Nurses.


AMSN has been actively advocating on your behalf and had planned its first ever legislative fly-in during the spring of 2020. When COVID-19 hit, we postponed the event to the fall, but finally made the decision to do a virtual fly-in September 14-19/20.

It was a terrific event and we had excellent discussions with legislative staff of three U.S. Senators and four U.S. Representatives, including major advocates for nurses and nursing and the congressional delegation representing AMSN's national office in Sewell, NJ.

We have continued to advocate for you, our members, regarding first access to COVID-19 vaccines, accessibility to critical PPE, emotional well-being resources and funding to support front-line nurses.

We will continue to keep you informed of these activities through our Advocate newsletter and the legislative section of the AMSN website. Find out about the AMSN Legislative Action Center (see also).

Please visit the Help Center with any questions you may have about Publications.

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