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April 2022

Happy spring to everyone and I wish you a wonderful Nurses’ Week coming up in May! I love this time of year as we begin to see a renewal of life and resources in nature. Flowers are blooming, leaves are returning, butterflies are merging, and there is a lot of positive energy in the universe.

This is such a phenomenal time of the year. And it looks like we may be finally getting a reprieve from COVID! Please still be cautious, but we can all be hopeful that the worst is finally behind us.

We will launching a job task analysis later this year to assure that your certification is meeting the needs of the workforce.

Spring also means the revival of conferences for many organizations. In March, I was able to attend the American Board of Nursing Specialties (ABNS) Spring Conference.

It is during this conference that nursing certification organizations get together and share best practices and discuss how we can all continue to support our certified nurses. You cannot leave that conference and not smile at the great things our nurses and our organizations are doing.

I also attended the MSNCB Directors meeting in March. The Board was able to discuss certification exam statistics, the overall health of MSNCB, and we were able to look at revising our strategic plan and generate ideas for future success for the organization and our certified nurses.

We will launching a job task analysis later this year to assure that your certification is meeting the needs of the workforce.

We are also looking at continuing competence and what that looks like for the medical-surgical nursing professional. I am excited to see this and looking forward to where this will lead us in the immediate future. All of this got me thinking about all of you.

I had to ask myself “what are we doing for our certified nurses and is there something else we should consider doing?”.

I then realized that this is not a question that I can answer, but you can.

  • What does being a CMSRN mean to you?
  • What do you wish we were doing more of?
  • How can we make the certification and the renewal process more meaningful to you?
  • Is there anything else you would like to discuss and share?

I invite you to share your thoughts and concerns. Email me at cfoster6@cox.net.

I will do my best to respond to you. I will take your comments and thoughts and share them with the Board. I promise, you will be heard!

Continue the awesome work you are doing every day. Be proud of yourself and of the profession. We are doing great things and we need to celebrate our accomplishments.

Make this Nurses’ Week a time for reflection and revitalize yourself and your passion for nursing. Let’s show the world that we are proud medical-surgical nurses!

I am grateful for what you do every day, and I cannot thank you enough for being there for our patients, their loved ones, and each other.

Until next time.


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