Happy Medical-Surgical Nurses week! Medical-Surgical Nurses week is celebrated every November 1-7 in part to recognize the specialty of medical-surgical nursing, but also to celebrate you and the amazing things you do daily for your patients and their families, your colleagues, community and the profession of nursing.
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Terri Hinkley

CEO's Corner: Our Commitment To You

Our Commitment to You

Robin’s column this month speaks about the many ways AMSN is representing you, our members, in initiatives of importance to the nursing profession. AMSN believes that it is critical that you have a voice in these initiatives and that med-surg nurses are heard.
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The last few weeks have been a whirlwind! I have attended a think tank on the professional identity formation of nurses in which I had the honor to collaborate with 49 other nurse leaders across education, legislation, and practice. Last week was AMSN’s National Convention and what a wonderful experience that was! More than 1,300 nurses gathered to discuss, learn, and network.
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The practice of nursing constantly evolves. Traditionally, nurses have always been at the bedside of those who suffered from illnesses or injuries. The minds (knowledge) and hands of nurses were the tools they used to facilitate healing in the patients to whom they provided care.
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