Robin's Nest President's Column - November 2020

Robin A. Hertel
A Chance to Look Beyond

It certainly has been an interesting year. Covid-19 has dominated our lives both personally and professionally.

We have seen changes to the way we gather, socialize with friends and family, learn or teach, and how we celebrate and mourn.

The pandemic has also shown a flashlight on some of the issues that have been present for years. Issues including inequalities in income, health and education; gaps in technology availability; our threadbare mental health system and the social and emotional fragility that certainly existed prior to the pandemic, but also occurred as a result of the pandemic.

While these are hard issues, the pandemic has certainly given us an opportunity to have crucial conversations about each of them and take steps to mitigate the inequities and divisiveness that is present in our society.

This flashlight on the issues has also presented AMSN with an opportunity to take a stand against racism as well as begin to work on an initiative that address diversity, equity and inclusivity (DEI).

As a result of the pandemic, AMSN held its first completely virtual convention in October. It was a resounding success with lots of opportunities for networking and collaboration.

The sessions were exceptional and provided a wealth of information and takeaways that I’m still trying to wade through. In addition, attendees have a full 2 years to complete the many sessions available for a total of 55 continuing education hours!

Despite the many frustrations, changed plans, alternate ways of doing almost everything in our lives, there are positives including the DEI initiative, the stance against racism, and a wonderful way to engage with members through the virtual convention.

When we take a moment to look beyond the negatives we can see there are multiple positives we can each see in our lives.

Another chance to look beyond comes in the form of a change on the AMSN board of directors. After two years as your president, I am stepping down and Dr. Summer Bryant has assumed the role of AMSN’s president.

Summer has been an integral part of the board of directors for a number of years with experience both as a director and as the treasurer.

I’ll let her tell you more about herself, but I can assure you that AMSN will continue to look beyond today to the many possibilities and potential of tomorrow and Summer is the perfect individual to lead us there.

As for me, I will also look beyond toward my role as immediate-past president and will be taking on the role of the editor of the AMSN Magazine which is soon to have a new name!

I will also be co-chairing the DEI initiative along with the current chairperson of the Legislative team, Yalanda Comeaux.

Together, we and a group of other volunteers will work to provide AMSN’s members with information and tools to ensure your practice setting is healthy and a safe place for everyone; a setting that celebrates our diversity and values everyone.

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