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April 2022

There is an adage that says, “Talk the Talk & Walk the Walk.” Essentially, it means that what you say you should do!

I have always talked to nurses about the importance of giving back to our community of nurses by sharing their nursing knowledge, skills, and sense of purpose. Whether volunteering to be a preceptor, joining a committee, or becoming a board director, you are taking action to make improvements.

Lotsahelpinghands.com (2022), states “You volunteer because the optimist inside you, perhaps the idealist, spies a glimmer of hope, You understand you are helping. You see that your time is worth it. You believe you are capable of inciting change and making progress. In some way, large or small, you are capable of doing good.”

Volunteering with MSNCB has allowed my voice and my purpose to be heard both nationally and internationally both in print format and in oral format through the AMSN Annual Convention and journals.

Volunteering has added an additional dimension to my life as I strive to share my knowledge and passion for nurses and nursing. When I speak to new as well as experienced nurses, I talk about the positive impact of volunteering including increasing both your personal knowledge bank and your professional network.

Dr. Suess once said, “Oh the places you’ll go!” In volunteering with MSNCB I have traveled and met the most amazing nurses from California to Florida!

Dr. Suess once said, “Oh the places you’ll go!” In volunteering with MSNCB I have traveled and met the most amazing nurses from California to Florida!

I have had the opportunity to brainstorm with dynamic board members on a wide variety of topics ranging from the future of certification to current issues faced by the nursing profession to the best places to eat in nearby vicinities.

Truly, volunteering with MSNCB has been an incredible experience! I have been able to share the knowledge gained from my time at MSNCB with my peers, my healthcare organization, and of course nurses.

Volunteering keeps me current and up-to-date on issues of importance that impact the future of nursing. It makes me want to speak up and speak more about nurses, our impact, our future, and of course our needs.

Volunteering at MSNCB has helped shape the nurse that I have become and the nurse that I aspire to be.

Interested in Volunteering?
dVolunteers are the lifeblood of an association.
In addition to benefiting the association, serving as a volunteer reaps both personal and professional rewards and allows you to share your expertise with other members, volunteers, staff, and experts. Participation on most committees provides professional development contact hours. We encourage you to get involved!
MSNCB Immediate Past-President, Antoinette Falker, DNP, RN, GCNS-BC, CMSRN, CBN

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