AMSN Legislative Brief March 2019

Keeping You Connected to Legislation Affecting Nursing

Advocacy is an important part of the strategic plan for AMSN. Every month in this newsletter, and ongoing behind the scenes, we take on the issues you care about most. Whether the topic concerns healthy practice environments, safe staffing ratios, patient rights, or medication administering, we will make sure you are in the know.
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The 2019 AMSN Annual Convention in Chicago will be the can't-miss event of the fall. And, this year we are offering a payment plan for a limited time only to assist AMSN members with convention registration fees! You can receive discounted pricing on your convention registration fee, and break your fees up into 3 small payments instead of 1 bulk payment.
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As you know, AMSN, through our MSNCB offers certifications of CMSRN® and CCCTM® - credentialing that puts you in the driver’s seat of your career trajectory (info here: Stackable credentials are becoming the way of the future in the nursing industry, and more facilities are getting on board.
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The National Academy of Medicine (NAM recently formed an action collaborative on clinician well-being. This is very aligned with the AMSN strategic plan and our healthy practice environment initiative. "We are proud to have submitted our commitment statement and application to become a network organization of the NAM efforts.
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Terri Hinkley
As individuals in the nursing community, we are fundamentally wired to always be listening, always be considering the needs of those around us. We assess, we plan, we implement, and we evaluate. The nursing process is the cornerstone of nursing practice. At AMSN, we work hard – month in and month out – to embody the same process when we interact with our members.
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Robin's Nest - President's Message

Taking it Personally: Cultivating Passion Through Professional Fulfillment

When we take time to care for ourselves, everyone wins: Our patients, our fellow nurses, and our families. More often than not, we spend much of our waking hours giving to others, leaving very few moments to devote to what drives our passions. I believe it is truly vital for nurses to cultivate professional fulfillment through self-care and self-improvement.
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