Healthy Practice Environment - It's All About YOU!

Medication Safety is Our Number One Priority. Is it Yours?

With all the comorbidities people have, achieving medication safety is more and more challenging. The rapid paced environment we work in especially presents a challenge to nurses. Patients that have a loss of memory or are unable to provide this information require a higher level of nurse vigilance regarding their safety.

What You Need to Know About Chemotherapy in Your Everyday Practice

As nurses in all areas, we may be caring for patients receiving hazardous drugs. It is unknown what ill effects, if any, come from continued exposure. Special knowledge and precautions are needed to protect yourself and the patient (Lester, 2012)...

Making Changes in Your Work Environment - Education is the Key

"Our psych unit closed a few years ago and patients with behavioral disorders/suicidal/aggressive tendencies were dispersed throughout the facility. We helped each other with the aggressive and violent patients as best as we could, you see we had little or no policies/procedures in place to assist the nursing staff to properly and safely care for them..."

Healthy Practice Environment - How it Works!

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