Partnership for Patients - It's All About YOU!

As A Nurse I Embrace the Patient and Family Centered Care Approach

The belief is that PFCC programs promote more effective partnerships with patients, families, and professionals. This leads to increased understanding and cooperation...

Do You Worry About Your Patients' Safety?

Ensuring medication safety while caring for acutely ill patients with multiple chronic conditions in our complex and rapid paced environment presents a challenge to all nurses...

Partnership for Patient Initiative

Strategic collaboration with other organizations with similar values and goals related to patient care is a focus area of the AMSN priority agenda. As such, AMSN pledged support of the Partnership for Patients initiative, a public-private partnership working to improve the quality, safety, and affordability of health care for all Americans.

Partnership for Patients - How it Works!

The "It's All About YOU!" section of the AMSN Website features YOUR stories. There are stories about groups (chapters, units, facilities, etc.) and their activities and success stories. The stories may be personal interactions with patients or colleagues. We encourage you to submit stories, pictures, videos, and first-hand accounts of your experiences to share with the visitors of AMSN.