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What Do You LOVE About Being a Med-Surg Nurse?

Aloys, RN

There are many exciting elements of being med-surge nurse including proving nursing care with evidence based to patients as med-surg cover almost many diseases and conditions affecting all health aspects of human beings.

When you work as med-surg in leadership position as I am doing you become role model because you apply knowledge, vocation and professional skills which character good nurse identity, to perform a good patient health assessment, and plan nursing care accordingly.

A med-surg nurse is a good researcher, and able to contribute to new knowledge generation, med-surg nurse provide good health education to patients aiming at behavior change.

Med-surg when become a teacher he/she do it very nicely.

Catherine, RN, CMSRN

The variety! the broad base of knowledge! the constantly challenging group of patients! The fantastic team work, and wonderful co-workers! I'm 4 1/2 years away from retirement, and I will retire from Med-surg.

I find other specialties to be too confining, too specific to a certain population, even if some units are more glamorous and more respected than Med-Surg.

Here, I learn something new every day, and I am certain I contribute to everyone of my patients' comfort and recovery. My wish is that in the future Med-surg will get the consideration it deserves.

Yes, we do a good job. Yes, my unit was the best of all of central Texas Med-surg unit among all run by this corporation!

So why is it we are so undeserving of adequate upgrading?

Patients come from ICU, OR, ER, even from other hospitals to get the best care available! and here we are, an old unit, each man hour recorded meticulously so as not to exceed the allotted monies.

I know my voice will be echoed by many. I still love it, with all its problems.


I love being a med-surg nurse because of the diversity of patient care. You never get bored doing the same thing over and over again.

Each patient presents with various care needs requiring nurses to expand their knowledge base throughout their career as a nurse.

Med-surg nurses can work in any health care environment and take care of any patient populations. Med-surg nurses can go anywhere life takes them.


Cindy Encouraging and supporting the new nurses into the specialty! And letting them know that they will make a difference in their patients lives! How awesome is that?


Being able to make a difference in someone's life.

Shirley, CNS

I love the collaboration with staff nurses who impact on patients lives every day.


Firstly conveying my well greetings to honorable nurses. The medical surgical nurse can give a care to patients in a comprehensive way with the standards of practice to restore the health and prevent complications by particular condition of the critically ill patent. She can produce the care through current knowledge to improve the health status of the patient.

Chidimma, BSN, CMSRN

I love the difference I make in my patients' lives every shift. I love patient education and the understanding that dawns when something is explained and the patient gets it, it always brightens my day and keeps me coming back shift after shift.

Susan, MSN/Ed, RN, CMSRN

I love the variety of working in the med-surg areas. I am one of two med-surg clinical educators. I was formerly a critical care nurse for 18 years then managed a 36-bed post-surgical unit.

The experience on the med-surg unit gave me the new respect for the specialty of working on the floor. That role lasted four and a half years. I felt the call to teach. As the first clinical educator in the hospital in 2003, I gained a new respect for my bedside colleagues.

I worked closely then and now with an amazing team of nurses. I bring new evidence-based knowledge to the bedside and the classroom for the team of med-surg nurses.

I feel I am one of them, a team member, and colleague. Med-surg is definitely a specialty and I'm proud to be a med-surg nurse.

Photo:I'm in the left corner with lab coat with my latest new grad group.


My RN focus has always been placing myself in the patients shoes. Empathy and Compassion and Caring and how can I make the patient experience better for them.

The Golden Rule is the best rule. I think often on how would I want my mom taken care of, or my family member in the same situation. Each day is different and I closely monitor my special group to keep them safe, comfortable and informed and ease their fears . It is such an honor to be able to take care of someone in need and when they smile and let you know they appreciate you it melts your heart and it is OK if they don't.

It really stimulates your mind to have to critically think on very complex med-surg nurses with so many varied diagnoses. I love being a nurse.

Carmela, BSN, RN, CMSRN

I love being a med-surg Nurse because it is full of drama, comedy, adventure and surprises. It can be challenging and tiring most of the time in the ward but at the end of the day it is a nice feeling to know that you took care of your patient and family with love and inspire others.

Bachir, MSN, RN-BC

The diversity of the medical-surgical patients is thrilling and enriching. I loving being at the patient's bedside delivering optimum patient centered care while utilizing my clinical experience and expertise.


Caring for patients and families.

Colleen, RN

I love being a medical-surgical nurse because it allows me to nurture my patients, and really use the nursing skills I was taught to do in nursing school. I work a 3P-3A shift, and this allows me time to assess my patients before I have to rush into medication administration, and throughout the night I have the opportunity to talk with my patients and their families, and share their lives with them. Of course there are hectic nights with patients who have sun-downer's or are incredibly ill, but most of the time I can really spend time with them, and know them before my shift is over at 3AM.

Rowena, BSN, RN, CMSRN

I've been practicing med-surg since 2003 and it has never been boring all this time. The demands of med-surg nursing is so different from other specialties. Keeping up w/ SCIP, HF, Pneumonia, AMI protocols, demanding patients, drug-seeking patients, turning immobile patients every 2 hours, dressing open wounds, 1:1 suicidals, incontinent, tube-feeders, blood sugars every 2 hours... plus... a Rapid Response call on top of that in a shift! Wow! Can anybody handle that? Most will walk away..but med-surg nurses never will.

Aurealyn, BSN, RN-BC

Guam has amazing med-surg nurses, and I am so proud to be one of them! I love coming to work because I do not know what to expect. I love not knowing who your clients will be or what diagnosis you will be dealing with next. It's always a surprise, and that is something I look forward to every day.

Maria, BSN-RN

I love being a nurse because I can relate to my patient's at their level and their age group. I always love connecting with my patient's as my own families, friends, and love ones. Recently, I have an elderly patient she have a CVA that impaired her speech, which cause her to mumble her words. She told me, that she love me and I am very good to her. That's just broke my heart and I told her that I am always good to all my patients. Then she said, "No you are good nurse and you are good to me."


I have been working as a medical-surgical nurse since 2006. I started as a beginner and have grown up in this field. I fell honored and proud to be a med-surg nurse. I started my journey from med-surg nurse to critical care nurse, then researcher and transplant nurse. Today I am a critical care nurse caring for organ transplant and med-surg patients. I am a patient care provider, advocator, educator and researcher.

Within years, I have always felt my self as a compassionate nurse and every day we are giving strength and hope to our patients. Many patients survived and fight with their diseases and cancer. I consider my self as the most satisfied and extraordinary patient care nurse. I am learning and I am still growing in this profession and journey.

I hope i will continue providing exemplary and evidence based practice care to my patients with caring and compassion.

Juanita, RN, MSN, CDE; Diabetes Educator

From the time I began nursing 23 years ago, I loved the patient interaction. One very wise professor I had always said: "Don't forget to look at the patient-the person behind the tubes and lines-that who is important, frightened, angry and needs you." med-surg nursing has challenged my skills and helped me to develop the critical thinking skills necessary to multi task and coordinate the care for a diverse group of individuals each with different needs. I love med-surg nursing because it taught me I can do ANYTHING!


Med-surg nursing has so many different aspect that you can come in to work one day & see different scenarios to deal with. Its gratifying to see patients get better & you always feel you're one of the reasons for it. It's also great nowadays that patients are involved with bedside rounding & they feel being part of the team that make them well. For this, I always like to plan our week-long activities to celebrate Med-Surg Nurses week.


I love being at the bedside, the diversity of care, and the amazing med-surg nurses that work beside me!.

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JudyAnn, RN

Sometimes, when I am being asked this question, I actually pause for a while and then start thinking back. I have been doing med-surg nursing now for more than 26 years and on going, starting from Asia, Europe and North America, then I must really love being a nurse. I love med-surg because there's a lot to learn every single day, especially with this new technology where surgeries are done differently.

In the last 15 years or so, an appendectomy patient stays in the hospital for two weeks. Where as now, lap appy is a one night stay and for this reason, it also made a change on how we nurses give our care to our patients, considering that now patients ambulates early.

Cecily, RN

I have been a med-surg nurse for over 40 years, most of all of it in one facility. I love this specialty because it's never a dull moment. It's different everyday. People that say they are board with med-surg, I think,are crazy. NO WAY is this possible!

Desi, RN

I love that the sheer breadth of the conditions I see on a daily basis forces me to constantly expand my knowledge base and refine my critical thinking. The fast paced environment coupled with the high acuity makes for challenging, and rewarding shifts.

Antonio, RN BSN,BC EMT-B

I love being a Med-surg RN because I love bedside nursing in general. I enjoy taking care of patients and making rounds at bedside with the physicians. I learn a lot about the past history of the patients and can ask the physicians questions about disease processes.


Being there for the patients is what always bind me to being a Med-surg nurse. The roles of a nurse are endless but being able to communicate and to give quality time are things that we practically do everyday at work, sometimes even without knowing it.


I have been a die-hard surg nurse for more than 40 years. I never tire of this specialty. Day in and day out it is NEVER boring.

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Sabina, BSN, RN, CMSRN

I am not restricted to just one group of patient population. The wide variety of patients to care for, constantly motivates me to keep learning. I have been a med-surg nurse for 18 years and love moving on to be a Nurse practitioner in the same field!

La-Donna, RN, CMSRN

Med-surg nursing is a fulfilling career because of the diversity in the patients population. It allows me to be knowledgeable in many different aspects in nursing. Empowering me to educate and encourage my patients and their families in disease processes and most importantly preventative measures. Med-surg nursing continues to enrich my career and this is a priceless education.


I love the teaching aspect of Med-surg nursing. Being able to effectively heal my patient's and then teach them about healthier lifestyles or ways to prevent recurring problems from happening again. Information is power and empowering my patients with evidence based information will hopefully lead them to a healthier lifestyle.


Med-surg nursing is a passion, a passion that has offered me the opportunity to excel in my profession of nursing.

I am proud to be part of a team that provides high quality care with measurable outcomes. With a staff that takes pride in their work and profession I am proud to say that our team consist of many med-surg certified nurses. Our organization not only supports certification but encourages certification. Med-surg nurses are versatile and adapt to various situations with grace and knowledge.

I am confident that once a med-surg nurse always a med-surg nurse, and proud to be part of this distinguished specialty.

Daisy Singh, RN

I love everything about being a med-surg nurse. I love the idea of going to work and doing little things to make someone's day better. I like to make people feel more confident and happy with themselves. I love changing people's lives for the better and educating them and inform them so they know how I'm helping and how much they've improved.

Vincent, RN, MSN, CMSRN

The most rewarding career ever! You get to help people when they need help the most. You get paid to care, teach, and motivate.

Tamika, CMSRN

What I love about being a med-surg nurse is the vast amount of experiences and learning opportunities offered by the specialty; and the broad knowledge base that it has provided me to take care of just about any patient.


I love the diversity of my patients. the daily challenges I face and the great outcomes.

Chelsea, RN BSN

I love that every day there is something new to learn. We have daily opportunities to touch the lives of our patients. Life is never boring in med-surg! I love being an Army nurse because I get to take care of the best patients in the world!

Rhiannon, RN, CMSRN

I love being a med-surg nurse because it means that I have the experience of being a "Nurse-of-all-trades".

Med-surg nurses are the best because we are comfortable in a variety of situations at many levels of care. Being a certified med-surg nurse allows me to offer that knowledge to my patients in a very comfortable way, especially once they find out what all the initials mean!


I love being able to handle different kinds of disease conditions which allows my knowledge to be broad and allows me to be adjustable to any situations. Being in the med-surg float pool in a level 1 trauma and magnet university hospital is the highlight of a career that started in travel nursing.

Stacy, BSN, Med-Surg Educator

I've spent 10 years at the bedside practicing med-surg nursing. I loved the variety of this patient population. Over the ten year span I developed more and more respect for myself and my peers as we mastered complex patient dynamics. The med-surg nurse has to be clinically competent in any condition because you'll never know which patients are being admitted to the unit. Now as a unit educator, I support the clinical practice development of some of the best med-surg nurses in the south.

Sharon, RN, CMSRN

I love being a med-surg nurse because it affords me an opportunity to come into contact with people of various backgrounds and situations. 

am able to provide holistic care to the patient as well as their family members. I love taking care of a patient who has had surgery and watch them progress and leave the hospital in better health with the help of my nursing interventions. Being an advocate for my patients is one of the best rewards at the end of the day.

Learning new concepts of patient care delivery while teaching, coaching, and supporting patients and their family members as well as novice nurses is such a great reward. These are just a few reasons why I love being a med-surg nurse.

Brandi, RN, BSN, CMSRN

I love everything about med-surg nursing! I love the variety, the array of experiences, the people, bedside nursing! I absolutely love my job! I have been asked about management but that's not my cup of tea! I love what I do everyday...maybe later for management! Awesome nurses (help) make the world go 'round!!

La-Verne, BSN, RN, CMSRN

I love that our specialty of med-surg nursing is so vast that we can impact so many different degrees of a patient's illness and help the family/significant other cope as well. The impact of changing lives is awesome and the satisfaction of seeing great patient outcomes is priceless. Med-surg nursing allows us to give not only to our patients and families but to our peers as well. I love mentoring others in the profession and seeing them blossom into great NURSES.


We love being med-surg nurses, because we care about people and we wish to help people whatever their health status.

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Jordan, RN

I cannot even begin to describe how rewarding it is to be a nurse. I'm not sure exactly how much patients truly know their influence on our lives.

Short term, chronic, life ending, life altering and debilitating injuries, illnesses and diseases...we've met all different kinds/types/ages of people who have lived through them, with them, and/or died as a result. I wish I could put it into perfect word their impact...but it is not possible.

My best attempt at a description is "love". The experiences literally surround you with emotions you did not know you were capable of feeling. It can create laughter that leaves you with a permanent smile, bring you to tears in an instant and cause pain that permanently scars you.

The most important part...it is all worth it.

Because of it you become truly aware of the world that surrounds us, how life literally changes in an instant and to appreciate every waking moment you have. Life and death are no longer what you read or hear about, you experience it first hand. I believe that being a nurse is a gift. I am one of the many privileged individuals hired to care for someone's loved one.

I know in my heart the importance of what that position holds...and hope to help those who see it as anything less put things back into perspective.

Lori, Clinical Team Lead

Being a med-surg nurse has changed my life as well as my family. 15 years ago I started out as a LPN first. I was scared, unsure if it was the right choice for me, overwhelmed. But the years went by and my experience grew.

I went back for my RN, then straight on to my BSN, then I became certified as a med-surg nurse. My whole 15 years in my nursing career has been on the same med-surg unit at Lewis Gale Hospital Pulaski, in Pulaski VA.

I am now the Clinical Team Lead for this unit and I can see the new nurses come in and I can understand how they feel. I love to see them grow, try to help them from my own mistakes. I feel like this unit is my home. I am so invested and engaged still to this date. The nursing staff is great to work with, it has changed drastically over the years, new faces come and go.

The older faces are leaving , which is being replaced with mine and a few others as the senior nurses.

Patti, Clinical Resource Clinician

I love having the knowledge to help our patients through difficult times. Having the ability to calm their fears while providing education results in better patient outcomes.

Alicia, RN

Love the variety of patients that come through MS. It is never boring. There is always new things to learn. Biggest unit of RN in almost every hospital. Med-surg rocks!


We have a 67 bed med-surg unit and it is true to say that if you have worked in a med-surg floor, you can work anywhere. Our med-surg staff deliver exceptional care.

Med-surg nurses combine clinical skills with the ability to orchestrate the total patient's plan of care.

As a med-surg nurse there is a lot of interaction with the patient and their family, the physicians and all other disciplines that are involved in the patient's care.

Med-surg nurses are the most energetic nurses of our hospital. They meet many challenges including staffing ratios but continue to provide exceptional patient service care.

Med-surg nurses are great preceptors and they mentor nurses who in the future could someday be those in specialty areas. They are the most dynamic nurses I have worked with.

Carol, RN, CMSRN

All of the variety and challenges I experience every day.

Deidra, RN

I love the dynamics that come with not knowing what you'll see on the floor when you start.

I also hate it, but I've learned that much of what I love about the dynamics of med-surg nursing are the aspects that often burn others out: The challenge of juggling a typically higher patient load, maintaining a consistent rhythm and pattern for the workday, maintaining close contact with patients and families, working with multiple doctors in multiple specialties, and serving so many diverse population with so many diverse needs.

Med-surg challenges me every day, and that consistent challenge is what maintains my level of nursing and commitment?

Priscilla, RN, BSN

As a new graduate I am currently working on a med/surg floor. For me the floor is like a study hall. I have learned so much already!

The floor offers so many learning opportunity. It is definitely a valuable experience to gain.

Gloria, BSN, RN, CMSRN

"EVERYTHING! I love the nurses who choose this specialty.

I have a couple of favorite things I tell people about Med/Surg. One is that the hospital would not exist without us!!! Another is that I will put a med-surg nurse's assessment skills up against any other specialty.

Med/Surg nurses rock!"

Rocedeelynn, ERN

"I love how the floor can become a hectic place but my patients keep me grounded.

I love how I can have the busiest assignment but still say "I can take that specimen down to lab for you". I love how challenging a Med-Surg unit can be. I

love my job and my unit."


"Medical-surgical nursing is a true passion of mine. It has never received the recognition it deserves.

Since becoming involved with the AMSN, it has given me renewed energy to help lead the charge on pushing the medical-surgical profession to the forefront."


"I've practiced med-surg nursing in inpatient, home health, home infusion, postpartum/well baby settings and now in ambulatory care -- outpatient obstetrics.

I have used my med-surg knowledge and skills each day in each of these settings. Just yesterday I was on the telephone with an OB patient discussing s/sx of dehydration related to fluid volume deficit (vomiting) and earlier I was assessing a patient's surgical incision (C-Section,POD #7).

I am a better nurse because of my love for med-surg nursing."

Jessie, RN, MSN

"Med-surg is the backbone of nursing. Many nursing skills are used for most type of illnesses. Experience in med-surg is timeless with so many new things to learn you can never become bored."


"I loved this rotation in nursing school. It gives me the chance to meet a variety of patients with different health issues.

I love it when we send home patients in a better state of health. As an adjunct nursing educator in this field, I stress to my students the importance of getting a great medical-surgical background.

This specialty nursing field is the base of the nursing care pyramid. A weak pyramid will fall as the nurse moves into other specialty areas.

I have had the opportunity to move to other specialty areas of the hospital and I chose to stay in the medical-surgical arena." ~Nancy


"Even after 35+years med-surg.is never boring. I learn something new daily and try to pass it on. I love the patient population. Yeah MED-SURG nurses.

I love us!" ~Robena


"It is the backbone of nursing care. It requires you to be organized and well rounded as a nurse, it is never ever boring, and you must constantly stay on your game.

If you are a medical surgical nurse you can work anywhere!!" ~Sue


"The variety. You have a wide variety of illnesses to take care of, and not to mention the wide variety of nursing personalities.

There is never the same thing day in and day out. I also learn something new every day, it may pertain to nursing or the history of the United States.

What more can you ask for, I love it." ~Linda, RN, BSN, CMSRN


"Med-surg is my specialty, there is always something new to learn and at the end of the day the patients show of appreciation of your care is rewarding.

Yes, med-surg can be stressful, patient loads are often high but at the end of the day I look forward to the next work day. 

love being a professional nurse but I especially love being a medical-surgical nurse." ~Joan, CMSRN


"I love seeing my patients health improve and knowing that I helped make that happen!" ~Chris


"I love being a med-surg nurse because I learn something new everyday. My patients are so unique and I am able to dig deeply to understand the complexity of some disease process.

I am never bored, always new and improved knowledge." ~Sonia


"I love watching my patients get well every day. My favorite part of being a med-surg nurse is discharge day!" ~Amanda


"I love that med-surg is just like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates: you show up to work and you never know what you're going to get.

The varied populations, age spans, diagnoses, and treatments keep every day interesting and provide opportunities to learn something new!" ~Angela


"I love being a medical surgical nurse because I can care for a variety of patients and the learning never stops.

I am also an educator so everyday and I am teaching and learning and I love it." ~Jeanine

Tell us what you LOVE about being a med-surg nurse!