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We are delighted that you are interested in learning how to start an Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN) chapter!

Chapters are a way for AMSN members to connect with each other to share ideas and to raise awareness of the medical-surgical specialty.

We have assembled the necessary tools in logical order to help you in getting started to establish a chapter.

Keep in mind: Only AMSN members can be members of AMSN chapters.

Get Ready in Advance

Starting a chapter has several steps, and the process will go much smoother when you are prepared.

The Organizational Meeting Topics is a list of helpful and informative suggested items and topics to discuss during your first organizational meeting(s). Also included in this document is a sample of the Chapter Charter Petition form so you can see at a glance what you will need when you officially submit your Chapter Charter Petition form online.

Download Organizational Meeting Topics

Hold an Initial Organizational Meeting

We suggest you hold an initial organizational meeting with at least five (5) AMSN members who are interested and committed to the growth and development of a chapter.

  • Keep in mind that all chapter members must be AMSN members.
  • Use the Organizational Meeting Topics as a guide to discuss and agree on the organizational details and goals of your chapter.
  • We have also included (in the Organizational Meeting Topics) a sample printout of the Chapter Charter Petition form. You can look at the form to see exactly what it looks like when you go to fill it out online. Dont' worry: there is nothing to fill out and send in by traditional mail to start your own chapter!
  • Choose chapter officers and a primary contact who can serve for a minimum of two years to provide continuity of leadership as you get the chapter started.d

Submit Your Chapter Petition Form

Complete the online Chapter Charter Petition form to establish your chapter.

The AMSN National Office will evaluate your chapter petition for approval. We will notify your chapter of approval of the official chapter charter usually within two weeks.

Upon approval of your chapter charter, the National Office will send you:

  • Letter of Congratulations from the AMSN President
  • Your Chapter Charter Certificate
  • $75 VISA Gift Card to help with initial expenses
  • AMSN recruiting materials, stationary, and other helpful information
  • AMSN member list for your requested state(s).

Once you have established your chapter, find out how to “Keep it Going”.

Contact the National Office for Help

AMSN is very happy that you are starting your own chapter! We are also here to guide you along the process if you need it.

If you need additional information or have questions or concerns, feel free to contact the National Office.

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