Need Contact Hours? Consider This!

Journal club

Have everyone bring in a journal article, read it together, and have a discussion on the content relevance to your practice and ideas that were brought out.

Have one person take the responsibility for reading it, preparing questions to lead the discussion. Upon completion of the activity, everyone fills out the evaluation in the AMSN Online Library. If everyone in the chapter is a member, the CE is free in the AMSN Online Library.

Roundtable discussions

Select a topic and have each speaker provide content on one objective in a roundtable format.

This encourages discussion and sharing, decreases formality of presentation, and encourages participation. This is an excellent way for less experienced speakers to “get their feet wet” in providing education. You’ll still need to find a method of obtaining contact hours (below) but it negates having to find a speaker that might end up being costly.

For chapters spread across a wide area

Try a phone conference which follows a journal club or meeting format.

Either the chapter president or education chairperson can be the designated “discussion leader”. Agendas, objectives, and handouts can be shared with those who will be attending via the phone via email prior to the discussion. This allows each participant to have all the information needed to be part of the discussion.   

Conference session in the AMSN Online Library

Choose a session to watch as a group together.

Discussion of the session or working together on questions that anyone has would enhance the learning everyone has. Have one person take the responsibility for viewing that session prior to the chapter meeting, preparing questions or discussion points, and leading the group afterward. Upon completion, everyone fills out the evaluation in the AMSN Online Library. For free CE, use the free CE of the month session.

Certification Review Course in the AMSN Online Library

Choose a session to watch as a group together in the AMSN Online Library.

Discussion of the material in that session could then occur afterward. If your chapter wants to do a certification review course, you could have one person take the lead for each section so that no one needs to do the entire review.

Plan a program and get contact hours

You may plan a program and get contact hours by co-providing with a provider.

Many hospitals are providers and will be willing to co-provide with your chapter to put on a continuing nursing education activity. Several universities have a continuing nursing education department and will also co-provide an activity with other nursing groups. Call the Education department at the hospital or the nursing school at your nearby university and ask whether co providing with them is a possibility.

Complete an application and submit to an approver unit

Examples of approver units are:

You would need to contact that state board of nursing or the nursing association to determine their costs for an application and whether they have limitations as to the kind of content they will accept. AMSN Chapters are welcomed by the Continuing Education Approver Board (CEAB) of the American Nephrology Nurses Association.

Start the process of getting approved CE online by ANNA. You may also call Jackie Myers at 856.256.2437

FREE CNE for AMSN Members from the AMSN Online Library!